Can an Application Be Backdated?

In most cases you can only apply for Council Tax Reduction when you become responsible (the liable person) for Council Tax. In some cases you might be able to have your claim backdated. However, you will need to show 'good cause' for your application to be backdated, such as:

  • if you have been in hospital or have been severely ill
  • if you have suffered a recent bereavement
  • if you have had a family crisis
  • if you have been given wrong advice from someone who you should be able to rely on (such as council staff, a social worker or staff from the Department for Work and Pensions)

Advance Claims for Council Tax Reduction

In a few cases you may be able to make an application in advance, such as:

Moving to a New Property

If you are moving to a new property where you will become the liable person then you can make an application up to eight weeks before you move in.

You Are Not Currently Eligible for Council Tax Reduction (CTR)

If you are not currently eligible for CTR but you will be in the near future then you can make an application 13 weeks in advance. If you have reached Pension Credit age then you can make an application 17 weeks in advance. This situation might apply if your current income is too high but you know that this will change in the near future (such as if you are made redundant or about to reach Pension Credit age).